We always strive to provide a high quality service at a sensible price.

In surveys of the profession, our prices have consistently rated in the lowest quarter, both nationally and regionally.  Our low prices are constant and not as a result of “one off deals” or “special offers.” 

Below is an example of some of our prices, correct as of June 2014.

If you wish to get get a specific quotes for more individual, specific treatments or surgery please contact the practice.

  1.                                                                     Price, Including VAT (£)

  2. 1st Consultation                                                        19.66

  3. Puppy Vaccination course (2 doses)                         39.83

  4. Dog Vaccination Booster                                          23.69

  5. Kennel Cough Vaccination                                        20.94

  6. Cat Vaccination Course, including FeLV                   48.31

  7. Cat Booster                                                          19.63/31.35

  8. Microchip                                                                   18.01

  9. Cat Dental, including General Anaesthetic, from       72.00

  10. Dog Dental, including GA, from                                 96.00

  11. Dog Castrate, including GA, from                              80.00

  12. Bitch Spay, including GA, from                                  93.70

  13. Cat Castrate, including GA, from                                35.46

  14. Cat Spay, including GA, from                                     46.60

  15. X-rays from                                                                 43.80